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Ah, the edge of Europe! Seeing Africa across the strait is a funny feeling. Tomorrow morning, the ferry takes me to the Caliphate proper…

Just few reflections of my time here in Andalucía. First, the cities and general atmosphere are more civilised than I thought, being at first a bit worried about the contrast between Catalunya and the deep south. There are some real differences though, for example the apparent vicinity of Africa and Arabic-speaking world… Crafts, names and particularly music (the flamenco songs reminded me of the minarets) are something very different.

Last, the gitano would be better off if he sometimes would not be his boorish self. True, just a total tourist (like me) tries to order a tostada in the evening, but making it a public joke is not necessarily good for business. Some elegance and hospitability beyond greediness would make the toothless smile even more appealing.

Well, tomorrow towards the new vistas!


Essence of message

As often said, the content of the message is only as good as its delivery. If one could always tell one’s thoughts with the same intensity and passion than one late Layne… The ignorant in a ‘hurry’ can ff to 5:00.

Just slightly mending the classic: “What we cannot speak about we must pass over in…?”