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Couple in the cabin

Lars von Trier’s newest is a disturbing one. Careful with the reviews though, discussions of Antichrist’s disturbance often become spoilers.

The flick has absolutely stunning cinematography. Slow motions and art-like colours are combined throughout the film with an eerie soundtrack. Depending on the viewer, it might also be viewed either as a feminist or a misogynistic film. Beauty/ugliness, inside/outside, bliss/pain, life/death, you name it. Lars likes to disturb. In a way, this play with contrasts is an old one.

One likable feature in von Trier’s story-telling is his habit of dropping hints along the journey. On the other hand, these traces, picked up and followed, can lead to an underlined use of symbolism. What he discusses nicely is man’s relationship with nature, fear, the forest around him and how it gazes him from within himself.

The cabin becomes the self.


One way ticket

Those who know me also know that I’m not quite a morning person. That’s why waking up after five without the alarm (after the end-of-semester-party @ NHAC) seems a bit odd.

Itchy feet, travel fever, you name it; after a long while I’m off to somewhere! Don’t quite know where, but definitely somewhere where the pollution of artificial lighting doesn’t dim the stars…

Just have to be careful; after a while of gazing the desert it might start gazing back!

“Summit and abyss-these are now comprised together!”

That’s the nature of good travelling as well…

Trying to keep this blog posted!