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The cowboy’s burden

First reflections after seeing Clint Eastwood’s newest—Gran Torino—were quite confused. The immediate reaction was that the film is Eastwood’s will—summation of the things he’s famous of, spiced up with some criticisms.

Initially, his main character seems like a rather good depiction of a ghettoised, white, racist veteran. After a while, though, this picture starts to show some signs of overemphasis—sometimes he’s just too much himself.

Apologetic and obvious to start with, the movie proceeds to its non-surprising end. The critical viewer is also tempted to see white man’s heroism as a form of neo-colonialism. It’s after all him that saves the aborigines—from themselves.

And yes—the winner gets a car.


Rugger manliness

A dialogue just took place after a minor mark in my face:

– Here in the UK, is it ok to have bruises in the face? That is, if you’re doing business or something…

– Yea, it’s fine – just say you play rugby! Ruggers are always ok…

– But, at least in Continental Europe, Germany or Italy, it’s a no no to have cuts. Why not here?

– Well, that’s just because they’re gay

He’s our mate!

This was the answer of a drunken lad to my kind request to sit down. His team member was fighting in the cage, so it was simply impossible for him and his ‘mates’ to sit down, so the rest of the audience stood as well. At least until his ‘mate’ was ko’d…

All this took place in a mixed martial arts event I was watching on Saturday in the east of London. At the outset, I had some worries about the combination of fighting, violent crowds of lads and the serving of alcohol for the audience. To my surprise, everything went exceptionally well. That is, outside the general management of the event.

After the warm-up matches, we had already been there for hours, in total the event lasted for over five hours! So people organising events in Ultima Thule can be proud of their logistics. Of course there are television rights and stuff, but still. Drinking beer and watching the chicks is not that exiting…

All in all, two of our guys fought, first one losing to a Brazilian black belt (heel hook) after a great fight. The second won with a beautiful rear naked choke, after dominating throughout the match, including some always-arousing knee-on-bellying. No wonder they don’t want Tim to fight too often in the event because of his excellent ground game! Well, UFC comes to London in February; perhaps I have to be there as well…