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Lever attitude

It’s such a long time since reading a blog moved something inside. And…oh, yes.

Would it be cool to have an espresso bar in the middle of the town that would inhabit lever machines, skilled baristas and a flow of interested customers—only? Single 1, doppio 2 units of currency.

Fancy milk? F*ck off!


Coffee and elitism

After too long a while it’s nice to be back. And what would be more rewarding than to write about one’s passions, one of them being coffee!

Most of the legends and rumours about English food culture are simply not true; the restaurant scene is definitely among the most impressive ones that I have ever had the honour to witness. One thing keeps depressing me, however. It is the state of coffee drinking in this country.

As James Hoffmann eloquently discusses this in his blog, one of the main forms of ingesting coffee-like substances is instant (or put nicely, ‘soluble’) coffee. All this in a country that boasts of being the birthplace and inventor of tea-drinking, at least in the Old Continent!

Personally, I do not mind walking for ten minutes after lunch to get my hands on a decent espresso. Regrettably, I have not been able to find the same willingness in many of my peers. And to be honest, I have to admit that I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the high quality outlets in town, Monmouth, already during the first days of my stay here. This, if anything, has contributed to my disposition of the status of drinking quality coffee in London.

The conclusive point Jim makes, however, is cultural, rather than a solely coffee-bound one. After all, England is not the only place in the world that has a cultural allergy towards snobbery. In the land of Father Christmas, bad pizzas and boorish manners nothing is judged worse than a person who is not willing to give in to the common ‘standards’. This being the case, the following quote from Jim goes to all of them in Ultima Thule that have been whining about my selective tastes:

I am a snob. I don’t want to drink something that tastes bad. I don’t want to eat something that tastes bad and will probably hasten my demise (I am looking at you Ronald McD.)