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Bacon’s baboon

After a Sunday breakfast in Soho, it was time for get the culture portion of the week. Visiting Tate Britain to see the works of a famous Soho-dweller, Francis Bacon, can be something to remember. Not only the stunning carnality of his works, but the meta-style itself – combining ghostly and carnal, spiritual and essential – stays before one’s eyes even after leaving the exhibition.

Going beyond impressions, metaphysical agony can be sometimes found even in our everyday organisations. Or what do you think of his post-cc-taxpayer?

A subtlety that caught my eye was that Bacon named many of his works as ‘studies’. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the most ruthless of Bacon’s critics was Francis himself?


Camden Gomorra

Some time ago, I saw a wonderful piece of genre-breaking mafia film, ‘Gomorra’. One of the best aspects of the film was its style of story-telling. As I saw it, the movie was a window to the lives of the people in and around Naples, not obsessively trying to explain everything. The threads of the story were pulled together or not. This seemed, however, not to be a big concern of the makers.

Moreover, there were at best only traces of the much glorified ‘criminal lifestyle’.  Gang-related violence was plainly shown, no bling-bling. “I’m Tony Montana!” echoed hollowly from the warehouse walls.

After the ‘bad reality’ tv-experience it was time to go home. Just having seen a film like that it just occurred to me, that in some aspects, Camden Town is not very far from Southern Italy.