London rain

by eagleandserpent

Sometimes it’s good to be caught by the famed London rain. A while ago, during an attempt to reach the pinnacle of human achievement, the British Museum, I found myself in the middle of one. Luckily (and not very surprisingly), help was just few steps away. James Smith & Sons were there where they were needed the most: “Would you mind showing me that one, sir?”

Now, Mr. Smith has been in the business for almost 180 years, which is quite well considering all happenings since the start of his career. Alternatively, we have a company that has been run by several similar-minded generations, and thus been able to survive all the turmoil in the world. Without really knowing, one could only speculate why this is the case. Some possible reasons for such longevity may be a respectful clientele, along with high quality and service.

Admittedly, the quality of their products and attitude towards service are among the best I have experienced, ever. While it is true that you don’t have to pay 50 £ for a cheap-o umbrella made in one of the Koreas, you should not expect the same quality either. In case you pay a visit yearning for the walking sticks and canes for gentlemen, turn right. The more boring, contemporary stuff are to the left from the door.